The buzzword in this tech era “Big Data” has led us to wear the thinking cap: Think Smart, Work Smarter, and Deliver Smartest Solutions.

Tech news and world newspapers are agog with Countries with Infocomm authorities conceiving and driving initiatives towards “Smart Nations”, “Smart Cities” thus creating an ecological system and media to envision and pre-empt the challenges that we may face in times to come. With such initiatives passed as bills or on the drawing boards of many countries ready to spring to life (just needing a catalyst to set it into motion) the direction is set for infrastructure development to create solutions for productivity growth, and cohesion in globalization. Government driven/mooted and private/quasi government sector led synergistic efforts is aimed towards economic competitiveness of transformation and growth, behemoth leaps in advancements in communication and computational methodologies and technologies and last but not the least the crowning glory – data analytics.

All the above are centered on dissecting data for monetization strategies (tangibly or intangibly).

We felt the need for Safe Cities and our drive and initiatives are centered on concepts that can make the City Safe. Data no doubt plays the vital role. How data is harnessed and channelized is the solution aspect. Another concentration area of Chiasm Dais is E-Commerce and establishing an effective supply chain mechanism, secure pay, delivery and ethical policies using a single integrated platform. It paves way for range of business orientations be it small or medium enterprises to develop the trust factor, alleviate the barriers with the minimal of media capabilities. Backend logistics support is the key. Such a platform enables ease of Order Placements and better Product Warehousing (Placements) that there is no deviation from core business functions.

Economic, Technological and Technological growth has ensured that there is never a dull moment henceforth.

Either we gear up or make the exit. The writing is on the wall.

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Company Nomenclature and Overview

Chiasm Dais Infotech Pvt Limited, Chennai, India is an Associate of Compo 2000 Pte Ltd, Singapore. While the Far East market was covered by strategically located Singapore, the local presence in India is to ensure our commitment to Clients – effective management, accountability, responsibility and preservation of consultants’ morale, apart from other reasons a local entity may have from a statutory/taxation angle including enabling the ease of business agreements in local currency.

The following maybe a digression, however we guess it has anecdotal value with due emphasis placed on the etymology of naming: As a conversational correlation to literature, Shakespeare’s, Romeo and Juliet soliloquy analysis, What’s in a name? “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” It may not have consensus (since what matters is what something is and not what it is called being the popular sentiment and actual meaning behind the words uttered by Juliet). However, it does help define one’s path, direction and perspective right at the inception stage.

CHIASM (pronounced as “kahy-az-uh m”) by itself means conjunction or intersection of two tracts (for example structured data and unstructured data in our case) as purpose underlying or under pinning of the name with services. Ever accumulating data and types of data are at crossroads right now demanding meaningful results being derived out of the storage. There is now reversal of role of information technology, which once was all about storage of data and preservation/security. While storage accumulates to big and bigger data – the technological drive to derive meaningful results from the stored data has become the need of the hour.

CHIASM – is also an acronym for Cloud computing, Hosting or Hosted services, Integration of systems, Analytics, Solutions and Management 
DAIS – is also an acronym for Data, A for Autonomous, I for Information and S for Scalability.

INFOTECH – Information Technology (which uses hardware and software resources for analysis of complex information) Essentially, (but not restricted to) the aim/purpose of the Company is to use the Idol platform of HP Autonomy and Vertica database with built in software for Analytics of Structured and Unstructured Data (Big Data Analytics). Cloud hosted environment for Vertica, Create Portal and develop solution portfolio, standardize and productize the solution portfolios in addition to a host of software services, system integration and consultancy services, sales and deployment of products and services.

Digitisation, Security and Surveillance would be a focal point of our operations.

E-Commerce shall be defined another integrated platform.

Corporate Responsibility & Sincerity

Chiasm Dais adheres to highest levels of “fair and true” practices in it’s business functionality. We can state with reasonable fairness that our core standards of functionality are a direct fallout due to the alignment with our Associate, Compo2000’s time tested policies which by it’s own mark has spanned over two and half decades of sustained presence in the Singapore market. Our launched presence in the Indian market expands synergistically, the combined strength and presence of both the organisations for unfettered indulgence in the global market. We believe that being responsible to one and all is a corporate and social must and sacrosanct will be our efforts to strictly adhere to Corporate Responsibility.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, in line with the vision of our  H’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Chiasm Dais has taken upon itself the responsibility of directing / focusing its attention on rural empowerment by adopting welfare measures for the benefit of young School going Children in the village of Thiruthiyamalai, coming under Tiruchirappalli Dt., Tamil Nadu.

These young children of the one and only Govt. High School in the village are rewarded in the areas of academic excellence and also exposed to Computer Education, at a very young age, in our effort to digitally connect the Children with the rest of the world.  And tiny little tots too  are encouraged and paid special attention so as to prevent them from dropping out of School ..

Investing in the Health and sanitation ,  effort to provide clean drinking water to School Children, building a bird sanctuary of our National Bird PEACOCK , focusing on agro based business for the benefit of the villagers are just few of the efforts directed towards rural empowerment.


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Professional Team

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