The buzzword in this tech era “Big Data” has led us to wear the thinking cap: Think Smart, Work Smarter, and Deliver Smartest Solutions.



Products for IT

  • HP IDOL Connectors
  • HP IDOL for Hadoop
  • HP KeyView
  • HP Surveillance
  • HP Healthcare Analytics
  • HP Broadcast Monitoring
  • HP Universal Search
  • HP Process Automation
  • HP Teleform
  • HP Data Protector
  • HP Connection Backup
  • HP LiveVault

 Our thought leadership and expertise in accessibility is internationally-recognized and we leverage it to help you lead your industry, reach new audiences, gain opportunities and reduce legal exposure.  

Products for Legal Compliance

  • HP Consolidated Archive
  • HP Legal Hold
  • HP eDiscovery
  • HP Universal Search for Worksite
  • HP Scrittura
  • HP Structured Data Manager
  • HP Supervisor
  • HP Digital Safe
  • HP WorkSite
  • HP WorkSite Records Manager
  • HP Records Manager
  • HP ControlPoint
  • HP Flow CM

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Products for Marketing

  • HP TeamSite CMS
  • HP MediaBin
  • HP Qfiniti
  • HP Optimost
  • HP Explore
  • HP Digital Marketing Hub